Sunday, October 25, 2009

Clever, Smart, Creative and Innovative

There are some different among clever, smart, creative and innovative. A clever student have ability to catch informations. Then smart is ability to manage all of information and then use it for getting advantages. A smart people can use the information for getting success. A clever student is not always a smart one. Because maybe someone is a clever boy with ability to get many information and save it on brain. But, maybe they have not ability for using all of information. It means useless.
Creativeness is about ability to make any different about something. For example if someone make a new product, they can make something new one. They always things out of the box. Then innovative people is someone who can use the ability of making differential product to use it on their job or activity. And because of it they can get some advantages, getting successfully for business. The first invention is a creative thing. Such as electricity. But after it can use, become innovation thing.

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