Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cat Anti Vandalisme

Kira-kira ada tidak ya cat yang bisa menangkal vandalisme. Jadi cat tersebut bisa menyerap pilox atau corat coret tidak bertanggungjawab di jembatan, kotak pos, tiang listrik, atau tembok rumah. Kalau ada, sungguh baik dan perlu dicoba. Paling tidak bisa membuat orang-orang usil yang bertingkah vandalisme itu kapok. Walaupun harus diakui cara yang lebih efektif untuk mencegah vandalisme mungkin dengan pencegahan tindakan bagi individu. Agar tidak mencorat coret sembarangan dan dialihkan ke kegiatan lain yang lebih bermanfaat.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Reuse and Recycle

What if the confiscated liquor is recovered? For example the water is recycled into something useful. Whether it might happen? Maybe, we need a research. Then mark the bottle also cleaned and reused. Or crushed to pieces and made useful new materials.
Rather than be burned and cause pollution. Or even some not so burned. Then exploited by certain unscrupulous irresponsible. Given the current efforts to care for nature should be enhanced. Nothing wrong with trying to think it unusual? :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Disaster and Political Parties

If disaster strikes, and happened to be election campaign or political party, they will compete to attract the time. Looking for sympathy to get a sympathizer to the public later choose the political party concerned. And lately, too many natural disasters in this country. Floods, earthquakes and landslides. Floods in Jakarta and bandung, and recent small earthquakes strike Padang, jogja and eastern Indonesia.
So why such a moment of political parties gone? Only a few who are competing to give assistance. Yes that's the reality of what happened. Perhaps political parties need to implement some basic knowledge of marketing. Once again the marketing, not sales. If during this assistance is given as before the election, then it is only just touching the sales aspect. Whereas the marketing aspect of his life was not instant process. There is a process that must be built, and could not immediately be instantaneous. So should frequently provide assistance in times of disaster. Not only just before the election. Guaranteed to give better effect, despite the assistance provided was not always great. Simple but routine.