Friday, December 25, 2009


Form of free speech. Zero kilometer of Jogja. People want the truth and justice in Indonesia.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Clever, Smart, Creative and Innovative

There are some different among clever, smart, creative and innovative. A clever student have ability to catch informations. Then smart is ability to manage all of information and then use it for getting advantages. A smart people can use the information for getting success. A clever student is not always a smart one. Because maybe someone is a clever boy with ability to get many information and save it on brain. But, maybe they have not ability for using all of information. It means useless.
Creativeness is about ability to make any different about something. For example if someone make a new product, they can make something new one. They always things out of the box. Then innovative people is someone who can use the ability of making differential product to use it on their job or activity. And because of it they can get some advantages, getting successfully for business. The first invention is a creative thing. Such as electricity. But after it can use, become innovation thing.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Law is an important thing to rule our country. But as we know, a law problem is not only about law. It also include the other problem, such as politic, social and many other. So, sometimes many people have negative opinion about law’s problem solving. Because of the independency. And maybe people hesitate it.
Few months ago, there is a scandal and economyc’s problem that have relation with law. For exactly that was a criminal case. And it was a big case. Involving many people. Inculded a bank directur and high management. That was century bank case. Some media told that was a big case, not only have effect on economyc aspect. Century have a crisis so it have defisit problem. The defisit value is 9.15 quintillion. Wow, it’s a big money.
The indication is the bank management can’t manage the money and directur bank ascape to the foreign country. Because of many consideraiton such as economyc’s effect, law and politic, government give a solution. The government give donation. First, government decision is giving 630 billion. But unfortunately, the donation is increasing. Become 6.7 quintillion. So unpredictable. Big value. Ministry of economyc told that the big value is to safe the macro economyc. To avoid bad systemic effet. But, many of House Representative member ”can believe” of the decision. Maybe they feel uncertain or worry, the decision is give negative effect to our country budget.
Another effect of that problem influence a law problem. Some jurnalist told that actually that decision is depend on our law. Government will give donation for safe the economycs. But threre are indocations that the decision (the specific is the law) just for give advantages to the conglomerates. So terrible. Because the big value of donation actually can use to help poor people in our country. It is indeed so government action have prupose to help century’s customers. But, actually the managament of century can solve it byself.
The case is rather same with lapindo’s case. Bakrie Group was helped by government in the name of law”.In the name of law, it’s seem that the decision is true. But not always ”help poor citizen”.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Indonesian FIlm

Now, we can watch many kind of Indonesian film. Many of film genre, such as horror, action, drama, comedy and religi. Film, is not only for make people happy. Film as a industry is more than it. We have same agreement that film has a function as infotainment. Give people relaxation and entertainment. Many kind message of Indonesian film. So actually, it make or build knowledge of people.

For instance, film with genre horror give implicit message that many mistic phenomenon in our country. Such as some tittle; kuntilanak, suster ngesot, etc. So, actually film is not only for relaxation and show, but it have function for education. For example, the phenomenan film of Andrea Hirata’s novel. It have some message and it can motivate student to study more hard.In our country, some student have same opportunity for getting good education. High motivation for continuous learning is a good behavior.
Now, we can see that not all of Indonesian film have ‘good message’. We must choose. Especially if we have children. The right choose will bring two advantages for us. First we feel happy with our choosen film, and the second is our mindset have some good input. Good luck and choose the right film before watching in cinema.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Bang One and Karni Ilyas

One of our senior journalist on TV news program is Karni Ilyas. As we know that he is having carrier on TV One now. Many news program had conducted by him. “Bang One Show” is one of new program that show dialog between guest star and “Bang One”. “Bang One” visualized as 3D animation or cartoon. Icon “Bang One” actually have popularity long before “Bang One Show” launching.

If we noticed accurately, there are many similarity between character of “Bang One” and Karni Ilyas. Look at this picture.

There are 4 pictures. On the right, we can look picture of Karni Ilyas. And on the left, there are 2 picture of “Bang One”. Heem, is that right opinion that character of Bang One created by Karni Ilyas because of the similarity??