Thursday, September 24, 2009


Law is an important thing to rule our country. But as we know, a law problem is not only about law. It also include the other problem, such as politic, social and many other. So, sometimes many people have negative opinion about law’s problem solving. Because of the independency. And maybe people hesitate it.
Few months ago, there is a scandal and economyc’s problem that have relation with law. For exactly that was a criminal case. And it was a big case. Involving many people. Inculded a bank directur and high management. That was century bank case. Some media told that was a big case, not only have effect on economyc aspect. Century have a crisis so it have defisit problem. The defisit value is 9.15 quintillion. Wow, it’s a big money.
The indication is the bank management can’t manage the money and directur bank ascape to the foreign country. Because of many consideraiton such as economyc’s effect, law and politic, government give a solution. The government give donation. First, government decision is giving 630 billion. But unfortunately, the donation is increasing. Become 6.7 quintillion. So unpredictable. Big value. Ministry of economyc told that the big value is to safe the macro economyc. To avoid bad systemic effet. But, many of House Representative member ”can believe” of the decision. Maybe they feel uncertain or worry, the decision is give negative effect to our country budget.
Another effect of that problem influence a law problem. Some jurnalist told that actually that decision is depend on our law. Government will give donation for safe the economycs. But threre are indocations that the decision (the specific is the law) just for give advantages to the conglomerates. So terrible. Because the big value of donation actually can use to help poor people in our country. It is indeed so government action have prupose to help century’s customers. But, actually the managament of century can solve it byself.
The case is rather same with lapindo’s case. Bakrie Group was helped by government in the name of law”.In the name of law, it’s seem that the decision is true. But not always ”help poor citizen”.