Monday, August 10, 2009

Indonesian FIlm

Now, we can watch many kind of Indonesian film. Many of film genre, such as horror, action, drama, comedy and religi. Film, is not only for make people happy. Film as a industry is more than it. We have same agreement that film has a function as infotainment. Give people relaxation and entertainment. Many kind message of Indonesian film. So actually, it make or build knowledge of people.

For instance, film with genre horror give implicit message that many mistic phenomenon in our country. Such as some tittle; kuntilanak, suster ngesot, etc. So, actually film is not only for relaxation and show, but it have function for education. For example, the phenomenan film of Andrea Hirata’s novel. It have some message and it can motivate student to study more hard.In our country, some student have same opportunity for getting good education. High motivation for continuous learning is a good behavior.
Now, we can see that not all of Indonesian film have ‘good message’. We must choose. Especially if we have children. The right choose will bring two advantages for us. First we feel happy with our choosen film, and the second is our mindset have some good input. Good luck and choose the right film before watching in cinema.